The Wolf Cries Back

from by Lee Meadvin



I swear I'm not the bad guy this time I know that to you I'm still the villain give up your holy war for a minute let's just talk let's just call off your dogs call off your dogs [etc.] I think it's time you made a new fist I can't go on being your stick and carrot and horse forever put down your painted shield put down your shield for a minute I know the kind of attention that you want and I know it doesn't feel too good when you don't get it on and on and on and on turns your head the gears give out and you are left with what you started with it isn't much I swear it's not my fault you feel this way I did everything I could and more do I have regrets of course I do who wouldn't giver taker call of your dogs call off your dogs [etc.]

are you what they were trying to warn me about


from Boy Story, released June 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Lee Meadvin New York, New York

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