Make It Drink

by Lee Meadvin

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released October 25, 2017

All instruments played by Lee Meadvin. Guest appearance by Evan Lane on Track 7.

Recorded, Mixed, and "Mastered" by Lee Meadvin

Art by Camille Petricola

Special thanks, with love, to MFN and MMM.


all rights reserved



Lee Meadvin New York, New York

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Track Name: Two Steps Back
who are you fooling that was the ending way back there there'll be no second chance don't try identify oh why identify back then the rules seemed silly like doves we sat so pretty on the edge then were gone rehash for shame sit tight don't change what good's pretending I know it hurts worse either way you found your head but lost your mind identify how long was this a lie identify back then the rules seemed silly I liked your style and knew enough to get you all wrong rehash for shame I'd like to blame you still but I've fallen out of step

you can never get it back and why would you want to
Track Name: Have Your Cake
congratulations the world's fallen into your lap you've made fools of the rest of us what intention turned you back your expectations add up fast and don't settle in you've made fools of the rest of us what good morning woke you up you would look away all that time you had it in you to focus but it took so long and you made me wait for what seemed at the time like forever your expectations you write them out you make me read them I'd rather not
Track Name: Look You In The Mouth
what kind of idiot am I to turn my nose up at second chances what kind of fool can't get to sleep without hours awake to stare out into space how much more of this is it reasonable to take I'd just as soon give up and wear out my chances like a glove you gave me but I can't make it fit on both hands would've been nice but nice just wears me down what kind of idiot am I to try to outsmart your second guesses on the fly I can't try any harder it must be time to give up I've come this far I thought it would take half as long I know I messed up well so sue me if you did I'd gladly play along

it was a mistake
Track Name: Gets The Worm
the modern man wakes up in a bed he made himself full of all the long night's turning gears and he can't help it if his face turns red when you mention the thing he's trying to forget I I only live here I only get what's coming when it arrives I am a photo on the wall I can't afford to let you stay but I will for another day at least
Track Name: Tell Me It's Raining
no use pretending I know a bad thing when I see it like birds see the whole thing at once what's good for you dear is bad for us I'm still not sure I heard you right I'm still not sure I did much more than wait in the house for the rain to stop what good's an ending when I've been tending towards the middle in two shakes your goals fall apart I'll trace this circle to find it's start
Track Name: Couldn't Take Yes For An Answer
Fill my glass with sugar I won't let it go to waste
I tried to like coffee but I couldn't stand the taste
I got there too late

Sizing up my take I'm looking through the lack
And all that time I spent on worry, I never got it back
Had it pegged to rights I thought but lost it at the blink
You can pour a horse a glass but you can't make it drink

Think of what you're spending sticks and carrots aren't cheap
I tried to be easy by I couldn't get to sleep
My head slopes too steep

Poise got shipped with pride, still reeling from the slack
I'm a nervous wreck already, and I still keep looking back
Heavy bird around my neck and oh the boards did shrink
You can pour a horse a glass but you can't make it drink

Still can't get away
Have myself a fine time together
I hope you'll go
Still can't get away
Have myself a fine time together
I don't hope

Most tricks just work twice but I guess I had a knack
I burnt my mouth so badly, and I still keep coming back
I'm a see-through one-eyed dream, so blind that I can't think
You can pour a horse a glass but you can't make it
Track Name: Resign
you've gotta start to pick up the pieces if you don't they'll linger where they fell what'd you think a mess would look like you had time but you didn't use it well you've gotta start the hardest part is easy if you don't you're buried where you fell what did you think a mess would look like you had poise but you didn't wear it well and

I had no idea
Track Name: Strike Gold
you found out a little bit too late for any good to come of it takes time of which you have enough to last your whole life to leave scars on the bone you'll need a sharper knife it turns out you knew how to be calm all along you could cut out the excess and be thin like a doll you'll need a sharper knife // you found out it isn't what it seems from such a close proximity so what you're not the type to pull the curtain back eyes straight ahead you strike gold it's now your job to hold on to it

[hold on to what] you reach out dreaming but of course too cool he turns away [real yes or no sick yes or no grip fast or slow out just for show green memory gone sight unseen long drive ahead too late he said] get real it's okay to let go you'll need a sharper knife
Track Name: To Water
I I want to rest my weary head in your lap my love I have waited so long I misremember oh me what fun old problems recurring I get on or don't can swim but won't I'm happy I'm glad to wait for rain my problems will wash away and I will arise and we will both be clean and new I'll stay leave it all where it is you can beat a dead horse but why would you want to why why why why would I want to rest my legs are young they won't be young for long oh me what fun

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